Sunday, September 25

Oh Dear - Where has the time gone

Well my sister and I swap off doing Christmas/Thanksgiving each year and I was just checking to see who's year it was to do what when I realized just how close to the holidays we are! Yikes! This meant I had to rush and look at my Christmas list and see just how much I had left to do - Double Yikes!! Well fall is in the air and the Holidays are always right on top of me before I know it. This year is no exception.
So today after some crazy fast housework I set down and gave that list a good hard look. Whimper...
Well it's time to set up some tasks in iCal and really get cranking.

Yesterday we had a really fun class and I taught wire weaving and every one in class finished their pendant and did a great job. One ambitious student even made a woven ring after her pendant was finished - way to go Becky! With a yummy lunch after class and a bit of shopping it rounded out the day perfectly.

So now I need to go start a pot of potato soup - one of my favorites and then sit down at the sewing machine and get some work done.

I hope you are not as far behind on your Christmas presents as I am if you are making them - if you are I feel you pain and all I can say is sew sew sew.


BJ said...

You are not alone in needing to get a lot done in a short time. I have two gifts 95% done and others.... well, I have the "parts" for them, does that count? LOL
Sounds like another fabulous Royce class. Are you sure you can't move closer so I can attend? I'd feed you!

Cynthia Eloise said...

christmas? oh should i be starting now? ok, i did cut out christmas socks for the grandsons yesterday. thats it so far.