Monday, September 5

How Does My Sewing Area Get In Such A Mess?

Well it's beyond me how such a small area can get so very cluttered. I haven't been sewing for almost 2 weeks and I think I'm using the cabinet as storage - bad Royce! So today I am going to get things put away and get back to this pillow top I was working on - the top is half done for goodness sakes - just finish it!
Under it thou is a quilt I was working on and the quilting is also about half done. My goal for today is to finish the quilting and hopefully the other 2 blocks for the pillow top.

Ginger is still needing for me to keep an eye on her pretty much all the time to make sure she is keeping as still as a baby will do. With a special rest area here in the sewing room hopefully she will nap most of the day.

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Cynthia Eloise said...

i'll check back tomorrow to see your progress.