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What I've Been Up To

Well I've been kind of MIA lately. I was wrapped up in a tight deadline for a book I've been working on and now that it's gone to press I - should have more free time for creating. I hope so anyway. I did squeeze in a little sewing/jewelry time last week thou. As I mentioned I am trying to get some Christmas presents done and got one finished and a good start on another one this Tuesday.
 I'll have to admit these pillow cases made me a little dizzy while cutting.  Black/white/hot pink...not my kind of colors but were suggested for the young lady these are for.  I kind of like the black and white fabric thou. 
 I got 2 very cute charm packs with this puppy/cat fabric. So I defaulted to a D9P for the quilt top.  Just need to find a good fabric for the border/binding and back now? Thinking I'll use a dog bone shape for the quilting. 
 At the last bead show I went to I splurged and got some amber. I just fell in love with them but have been hesitant to use them.  I finally broke…

Oh Dear - Where has the time gone

Well my sister and I swap off doing Christmas/Thanksgiving each year and I was just checking to see who's year it was to do what when I realized just how close to the holidays we are! Yikes! This meant I had to rush and look at my Christmas list and see just how much I had left to do - Double Yikes!! Well fall is in the air and the Holidays are always right on top of me before I know it. This year is no exception.
So today after some crazy fast housework I set down and gave that list a good hard look. Whimper...
Well it's time to set up some tasks in iCal and really get cranking.

Yesterday we had a really fun class and I taught wire weaving and every one in class finished their pendant and did a great job. One ambitious student even made a woven ring after her pendant was finished - way to go Becky! With a yummy lunch after class and a bit of shopping it rounded out the day perfectly.

So now I need to go start a pot of potato soup - one of my favorites and then sit down at the…

Oh Joy!

Last weekend on our way back from the Music City Quilters Guild meeting Paula asked me if I was interested in either selling or swapping my dress mannequin. I said yes since I'd not used it as I'd planned. Then she asked would you like to swap it for one of my Featherweights? Well I near drove off the interstate in my excitement. So we planned on the swap being this weekend and Sunday I brought my new friend home. Let me introduce you to "Little Paula". Isn't she sweet. I've wanted a Featherweight for years and this has made me so very happy. Her case is in perfect condition too.

Little Paula is a 1950's machine and she is the Anniversary edition. 

This is a good site to read up on Featherweights if you don't know about them and are interested. 
Tomorrow Little Paula is going to visit Edna - she is a Featherweight expert. She will get the once over and I'll start learning what is what about her. Can't wait!

For those who have been asking about Gi…

The First

Well Saturday was a busy day and I had to miss out on something and sadly it was Ava's first birthday party. I wish I could have been there. She is so cute. Wanted to share a few photos thou - just cause.
 Oh who wouldn't love this sweetie.
 Oh such joy!
Isn't her little shirt just sweet. 
Royce loves you Ava - you are 1 year old now.  What a wonderful life you have ahead of you. 

A Wonderful Day

Today my friend Paula came over and we drove out to the Music City Modern Quilter's Guild meeting. We were having a special speaker and a de-stashing sale. Our speaker was Ann Kelle. She is just cute as a button and was very inspiring. She is a fabric designer for Robert Kaufman, and also designs paper goods for scrap-bookers and stationary shops.
We had a really good time and asked lots of questions about her business and her designs. She is a Nashvillian and used to work in the governors office. She traded in her business suite for a computer and taught herself how to use Illustrator and became a designer. I love hearing such a beautiful success story.
After her talk we had great door prizes. Several of our member made beautiful items from her fabrics. One of our local quilt shops, donated some great gift bags. We also got a coupon for Burgundy Buttons. One great on line shop for quilting fabrics.
Stefanie made these journal covers and oh so sweet little makeup or something special…

How Does My Sewing Area Get In Such A Mess?

Well it's beyond me how such a small area can get so very cluttered. I haven't been sewing for almost 2 weeks and I think I'm using the cabinet as storage - bad Royce! So today I am going to get things put away and get back to this pillow top I was working on - the top is half done for goodness sakes - just finish it!
Under it thou is a quilt I was working on and the quilting is also about half done. My goal for today is to finish the quilting and hopefully the other 2 blocks for the pillow top.

Ginger is still needing for me to keep an eye on her pretty much all the time to make sure she is keeping as still as a baby will do. With a special rest area here in the sewing room hopefully she will nap most of the day.

Free Day

Well this morning while I was still having coffee my "boss" called and said she was closing the office down at noon and if I wanted to I could stay home...what do you think I said? So after doing the happy dance and putting my work clothes away I plopped down in my chair and talked with hubby and petted the babies. Then I decided to do a little housework and some no fun but necessary billing. Bookkeeping yuck! But with that behind me we got down to fun stuff right away.

So I get an unplanned play day. 
Ginger is doing great and walked all the way to the back fence this morning. 

If there is anyone out there that is good at writing I need a little copy for a self promotion I am working on. I'd be glad to trade your writing for some of my artwork/fiber art or jewelry. Just let me know if you are interested.