Monday, August 8

Split Personality

I told a friend of mine this weekend I had 2 personalities - she said only 2? Well what can I say. I am a quilter/fabric artist and a jewelry designer for the most part. I've signed up for a craft show in November in Murfreesboro TN called Christmas On Madison Ave. The booth is paid for and the bulk of my display is either made or purchased. So now it's just down to making as much jewelry as I can. I used to make jewelry on the dinning room table but that's not good when I'm working on pieces for days on end. So evil jewelry Royce took over the sewing room - and the sewing cabinet! Quilting Royce is not happy. She'll get over it thou. 
 From a quilters perspective this is a sad sight. 

 Yesterday's inventorying and tagging pile. 
Trying to make as many different styles
as possible is good for stretching my design mind. 
I'm doing simple/normal/funky & steampunk. 

What I've done so far today. All those beads have
a wrap on top for adding them to a necklace.
Yes they will all be on one necklace!

I figure a few more days at this rate and I'll not feel such a need
to mass produce and can slow down a bit. Then maybe just 
maybe I can clear this up and get back to quilting. 
For now thou I'm hip deep in stones/wire/metal/beads and findings. 

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Cynthia Eloise said...

i can totally relate. i do all my work in my sewing room, but have added a small craft table in the corner. but i still can only do one type of project at a time. i like to spread my papers out on the sewing table then lay out the collage on the craft table. there's no hope for us. we will never have enough room to do all our crafts.