Monday, August 1

A Special Box

Saturday while visiting my sister I showed a photo of a jewelry display box to my sweet brother in law and he looked at it and asked me a few questions. With in a few hours he'd made 2 of them for me! Isn't he wonderful! I would have made one myself and it would have probably been OK but these are so well made and strong. So today I painted one and did the padded lining. I'm going to have plexiglass tops on these and a drawer pull handle for carrying. Now when I do a show my jewelry will look very nice and be protected.
The box

 Quick coat of gray paint

Cutting the board. I normally use this thick
board to make book covers. 

 Glue board to batting.

Trim the fabric - then glue it to the back of the
board with hot glue.

 Perfect fit - yea!

All ready for the top - which will be plexiglass.
I'm having the hardware store cut this for me. 
I think it takes a special saw blade. 
Since I'm not sure I'll just let an expert do this step. 

Now I can get back to sewing and jewelry making. 
well after I get the second box done. 


Leon said...

You did a nice job finishing out the boxes,they look great. I hope you get some good use out of them.

Barb said...

I enjoyed seeing it come together...looks amazing!

maggi21 said...

The box looks really good. I love your cuffs from the previous post.