Friday, August 5

Oh Goodie New Fabric

Like a hole in my head or an extra pound or 5 I really need new fabric - but as I'm sure you know that never stops us from buying it. One of my favorite places to buy upholstery fabrics is relocating and had a huge sale - just couldn't pass that up of course. I went by and picked up Edna and we were off on an adventure. Here is what I got.
The top fabric is a just because I liked it. The next 2 are for accent pillows for the 
living room. It will be nice for them all to match in the near future. 
The bottom gray is for a table cover for when I do craft shows. 
This matches the gray I have inside my new display boxes. 

Here's a look at how my grandmother's flower garden is coming along.
This will be the top center of a pillow for my sister. 

I went to the neighborhood hardware store this morning to get the plexiglass cut for the tops of my display cases. The owner was nice and drilled the holes in the plexi for me - I didn't want to crack it.
He even pr-drilled the boxes where the lid hinges will go - how nice! You just can't beat the service you get in a small store.
I was so happy about this and then stopped at Hobby Lobby and found to my sheer joy that almost the whole jewelry dept was on sale for 50% off. This called for a giant pretzel when I got to Sam's to celebrate!


Barb said...

What the harm with a little more fabric (huuummmmm). Love it...

Cornwoman said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous day!! That "little extra" is what endears those small businesses to our hearts.

Angel said...

Can't wait to see how the flower garden turns out! It will be a family heirloom for sure!