Thursday, August 11

Normalcy Returns

With a quick check on my jewelry inventory this morning I think I can slow down to only making jewelry several days a week - not every day. So after much organizing of my supplies and clearing off the sewing cabinet I'm happy to say the sewing room is all clean (even vacuumed and dusted) and ready for some sewing again. Since I had a quilt all pinned and ready I'm off for some quilting. Glad it's a lap quilt - I don't have to open up the transformer cabinet for this size. 
 Does anyone hate removing pins as you quilt as much as I do?

well off to quilt


Cornwoman said...

lol That would be me, however I hate hand basting too. The spray baste stuff works pretty good, once you can develop a method to get and keep the wrinkles out.

Cynthia Eloise said...

pins, yes, i ruined one machine by not removing them first. isn't there a machine on the market that senses the pins and stitches over them? if not there should be.