Saturday, August 20

Make It Work!

Well to quote my fav Tim from Project Runway I've made it work all day. I think I was trying to make up for lost time this whole week. So I got cracking early and have a good pot of soup on, did my bookkeeping (yuck), updated inventory and then got down to some fun.
I have a class coming up at JoAnn called Social Artwork. Need to get my samples done. Thought I'd do the first 2 paintings this weekend. I have a box of stuff to work with.
These classes are for people who have never painted and it's an easy step by step class and you walk out with a finished painting. The paintings are simple and the class should be fun for beginners and dabblers alike. So after playing around with this stuff for a while I moved over to the jewelry table and got started on some new designs. I promised myself I'd make at least 2 bracelets today.

 Half Cuff with beautiful turquoise - brass/copper

Full Cuff - steampunk - pocket watch part and bee

 Stone and wire bracelet - jasper/coral and natural stone

I made 4 pair of earrings today but these are my favorite
and I'm thinking they will be mine. 

After spending today doing mostly jewelry tomorrow I plan on quilting. 
Still plugging away on my grandmother's flower garden pillow top. 
Slow work to be sure - how anyone can make a whole bed size
quilt this way amazes me to no end. 


Gene Black said...

I love your creative and unusual jewelry. The earrings are excellent, I can't blame you for keeping them.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Your jewelry is beautiful! The class sounds fun since painting walls is about as good as it gets for me:)

Cornwoman said...

The class sounds like fun, and my favorite bracelet is the one with the bee.

Cynthia Eloise said...

i love the steampunk cuff.