Friday, August 26

Home Sweet Home

Well today Edna came by and picked me up and we went off to get our dear Ginger and bring her home. She was asleep when the vet went in to get her and she is very groggy - my little girl is pretty drugged up.
She is taking a half of a people pain pill - that has to knock her for a loop. So I put down mommy's favorite quilt the one I snuggle with each night on the bathroom floor for her along with her reg quilt and her little summer bed. I don't think she cares what she's on - she just knows she is home. I had to hold her little buddy for them to sniff and greet each other cause I was too afraid he'd just get too excited.  So now our house hold is near back to normal. She is expected to have a full recovery in about 3 weeks. I still find it hard to believe she has come threw this. 

To say a big thank you to the vets and other folks at the doggie ER I did this painting last night. The vet said they would hang it in the hospital. Hopefully it will give another mommy or daddy a smile while they are waiting to see about their baby. 


stefanie said...

I know what a huge relief it is for to have her home. You will continue to be amazed at how quickly she will recover at home. When Leroy had his surgery, it left him looking like that had sawed him in half and stapled him back together. Now you can rest easy and just love on her until she is all better.

The painting is absolutely PRECIOUS. If those spots were black I'd think it was Leroy!

Sandie said...

Welcome home Ginger!
We've all been routing for you gal and praying.
Bless you sweetheart.

Hope you all have a recuperative loving weekend.


Sandie xx

Barb said...

Glad she is home!

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Yay for Ginger! I'm sure you are relieved to have her home. The painting is wonderful!

Cornwoman said...

I am so glad to hear that Ginger is back home and recovering well from her ordeal. What a fun painting! I'll bet they loved it.

Angel said...

I LOVE the painting! So glad to see Ginger resting and looking happy to be home!

Royce said...

Thank you all so much for your sweet good wishes for Ginger. She is doing so well. We are all so glad for her to be home with us again.