Thursday, August 25

Ginger Update

It's been very hard for me to think about anything but my sweet little Ginger and all the pain/fear she is enduring right now. She has sure shown herself to be a tough little girl and fought her way threw all this hardship. This morning they removed the chest tube and lowered her pain meds and they said she seems much happier. The upside is that tomorrow she can come home. Her surgery was on Tuesday and she's done very well since then. With the bullet in her lung - only a 1/4" from her heart it's amazing she has pulled threw this. I'm beyond words to express my happiness. Auggie has no idea where she is and he's having a very hard time with all this. He goes out in the yard and looks for her - calls for her - it's so very sad. At least now I know she will be coming back to us.
I've not been able to keep my mind clear enough to do much of anything. I've not worked this week and didn't even go to sewing class on Tuesday. The one thing I have done was work on my zen doodle. That seems to stop my mind from thinking while I draw on this. Also yesterday I did a painting that is a step by step process that I will be teaching at JoAnn next month. It was a no brainer also. That seems all I'm capable of right now.

Sometimes I wonder if it's right to love your pets this much...there is nothing I can do about it thou for they are the world to me. I want their safety and happiness. I want to see that little tail wiggle with glee and know they are very content with their life. This is my gift to them and they repay me every hour of every day with a friendship that is beyond description.

 Doodle of mine and hubby's hand.  

Social Artwork - Acrylic painting - step by step process


quilthexle said...

Just read about cutie Ginger - I can totally relate to your feelings ! I love our cats probably too much, too ... but still, I would do almost everything for them. Keeping my fingers crossed for a happy outcome for Ginger and all of you, big hugs from Frauke, Gina and Basti (the cat gang)

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

I can relate, too. We lost our little dog last year and it was heartbreaking. Sending happy thoughts your way and hope that Ginger will be okay:)
Your artistic talents never fail to amaze me!

BJ said...

Before we got Freckles we just couldn't understand how people could be so attached to their pets... yep, that was "before". I know I am going to be a mess when something happens to him or his time on this earth ends. He is family and brings us such joy.
I am so happy that Ginger is pulling through so well. I'm sure once she is home and you know she is going to be fine you will start breathing again and will get back to your quilting, jewelry making, and other artistic endeavors.

Sandie said...

I'm so glad Ginger is pulling through this traumatic thing.
Keep up your strength too.
Have a lovely peaceful,loving weekend.

Sandie xx

Cynthia Eloise said...

glad to hear ginger is doing well. anybody that has pets understands how you feel. hugs.