Sunday, August 14

A Fun Saturday With Friends

This weekend was our guild meeting and after our business was completed we got down to sewing. We were doing foundation piecing. This is something I learned a few years ago but I still have to really pay attention to what I'm doing or I'll mess up in a heart beat. As I demonstrated while running my mouth and trimming off the wrong part of the block - oh well. When I had to borrow a steam ripper Stefanie was kidding me saying I'd been optimistic to not bring one. So I find out I can't talk and do this type of piecing.

 One of our members brought this beautiful foundation pieced
landscape she'd done years ago.
I'd only seen blocks done with this method and I just loved this. 

Then the day was topped off with a fish fry. These guys can really cook. 
We had lots of good side dishes and of course fish/chicken/frog legs,
fries and hush puppies. 
We waddled to the car and came home and collapsed. 
A fun day!


Gene Black said...

That Kenmore sewing machine on the table (front left) made me think of my first machine.

I can not imagine paper piecing that landscape!

BJ said...

Thanks for sharing the great FP landscape. WOW! I'd love to see her pattern for that one. It's great.
Yum.... that fish fry looks great. Love it that you got the fellows to cook for you. That's working it right!

BillieBee (billiemick) said... first machine was a Kenmore as well. Love the landscape and the post, but NOWWW I want some hush puppies.....:((((


MissMary said...

Who knew that little 20-something could trigger such fond Kenmore memories :-) I agree--quite a fabulous day!

Karla Hartzog said...

I love paper piecing and am so glad to hear that somebody else has to pay close attention to what she's doing. That landscape is amazing!