Wednesday, August 31

Better Every Day

Things at our house are sure better this week. All the trauma from last week is kind of a bad dream now. I'v gotten back to sewing and went to my sewing social at JoAnn's yesterday. I dropped by the Quilter's Attic yesterday too and couldn't pass up the max and whiskers charm packs. They will become a D9P for Ginger. I also got a really cute (the reason for the trip) 30's fabric to go on the back of the little pillow I am making. So all things are getting back to normal. Went back to work today too - 

Ginger is getting better every day. She still has a limp and keeps to the couch most of the time. She asked for you to forgive her strange haircut. Her whole middle section is shaved. She is eating well and is down to one pain pill at night. I do this mostly to keep her from messing with her staples. The little "t-shirt" I made her seems to come off during the night. 

Anyway I call her my miracle baby now. 
She survived an ordeal that was a close call. 
She is more herself each day. 
I thank God for her recovery going so well. 


Vicki @ DottyJane said...

I'm glad to hear Ginger and you are returning to normal! She's such a cutie:)

Angel said...

poor baby has a body mullet!