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Better Every Day

Things at our house are sure better this week. All the trauma from last week is kind of a bad dream now. I'v gotten back to sewing and went to my sewing social at JoAnn's yesterday. I dropped by the Quilter's Attic yesterday too and couldn't pass up the max and whiskers charm packs. They will become a D9P for Ginger. I also got a really cute (the reason for the trip) 30's fabric to go on the back of the little pillow I am making. So all things are getting back to normal. Went back to work today too - 

Ginger is getting better every day. She still has a limp and keeps to the couch most of the time. She asked for you to forgive her strange haircut. Her whole middle section is shaved. She is eating well and is down to one pain pill at night. I do this mostly to keep her from messing with her staples. The little "t-shirt" I made her seems to come off during the night. 

Anyway I call her my miracle baby now.  She survived an ordeal that was a close call.  She is m…

Home Sweet Home

Well today Edna came by and picked me up and we went off to get our dear Ginger and bring her home. She was asleep when the vet went in to get her and she is very groggy - my little girl is pretty drugged up.
She is taking a half of a people pain pill - that has to knock her for a loop. So I put down mommy's favorite quilt the one I snuggle with each night on the bathroom floor for her along with her reg quilt and her little summer bed. I don't think she cares what she's on - she just knows she is home. I had to hold her little buddy for them to sniff and greet each other cause I was too afraid he'd just get too excited.  So now our house hold is near back to normal. She is expected to have a full recovery in about 3 weeks. I still find it hard to believe she has come threw this. 

To say a big thank you to the vets and other folks at the doggie ER I did this painting last night. The vet said they would hang it in the hospital. Hopefully it will give another mommy or dadd…

Ginger Update

It's been very hard for me to think about anything but my sweet little Ginger and all the pain/fear she is enduring right now. She has sure shown herself to be a tough little girl and fought her way threw all this hardship. This morning they removed the chest tube and lowered her pain meds and they said she seems much happier. The upside is that tomorrow she can come home. Her surgery was on Tuesday and she's done very well since then. With the bullet in her lung - only a 1/4" from her heart it's amazing she has pulled threw this. I'm beyond words to express my happiness. Auggie has no idea where she is and he's having a very hard time with all this. He goes out in the yard and looks for her - calls for her - it's so very sad. At least now I know she will be coming back to us.
I've not been able to keep my mind clear enough to do much of anything. I've not worked this week and didn't even go to sewing class on Tuesday. The one thing I have done…

Miracles Do Happen

Monday night we had a horrible thing happen. My 2 sweet dogs were out side and some idiot shot my Ginger with a pellet riffle. I ran out and saw what had happened and somehow managed to get dressed, wrap her up and get her across town to the emergency after hours vet. She was in shock. It took the whole night to get her stabilized and then on Tuesday they did surgery. As of this morning she is doing pretty good. The shot ended up in her lung about 1/4" from her heart. This is a dangerous area to be messing around in, but the surgery was a success. They have a special anesthesiologist there that studied in Colorado for special surgical events such as this and what a blessing she was available for Ginger. Really the whole night was blessed. Driving across town like a crazed bat/discovering I didn't have my glasses on/the street sign had been out at the hospital but was on when I came down the street/she held on till I got her there and then the doctors were able to pull her thr…

Make It Work!

Well to quote my fav Tim from Project Runway I've made it work all day. I think I was trying to make up for lost time this whole week. So I got cracking early and have a good pot of soup on, did my bookkeeping (yuck), updated inventory and then got down to some fun.
I have a class coming up at JoAnn called Social Artwork. Need to get my samples done. Thought I'd do the first 2 paintings this weekend. I have a box of stuff to work with.
These classes are for people who have never painted and it's an easy step by step class and you walk out with a finished painting. The paintings are simple and the class should be fun for beginners and dabblers alike. So after playing around with this stuff for a while I moved over to the jewelry table and got started on some new designs. I promised myself I'd make at least 2 bracelets today.

 Half Cuff with beautiful turquoise - brass/copper
Full Cuff - steampunk - pocket watch part and bee
 Stone and wire bracelet - jasper/coral and natura…

Much To Do About Nothing

Do you ever get the feeling you have been running in circles and have nothing to show for it? That has been this week. If I think back I have some checks on my to do list. It's just been one of those weeks when no matter how hard I try to get something finished - it's just not happening. 
I have been working on my current doodle in the mornings with my coffee thou - that time I've not given up. 

A Fun Saturday With Friends

This weekend was our guild meeting and after our business was completed we got down to sewing. We were doing foundation piecing. This is something I learned a few years ago but I still have to really pay attention to what I'm doing or I'll mess up in a heart beat. As I demonstrated while running my mouth and trimming off the wrong part of the block - oh well. When I had to borrow a steam ripper Stefanie was kidding me saying I'd been optimistic to not bring one. So I find out I can't talk and do this type of piecing.
 One of our members brought this beautiful foundation pieced landscape she'd done years ago. I'd only seen blocks done with this method and I just loved this. 
Then the day was topped off with a fish fry. These guys can really cook.  We had lots of good side dishes and of course fish/chicken/frog legs, fries and hush puppies.  We waddled to the car and came home and collapsed.  A fun day!

Normalcy Returns

With a quick check on my jewelry inventory this morning I think I can slow down to only making jewelry several days a week - not every day. So after much organizing of my supplies and clearing off the sewing cabinet I'm happy to say the sewing room is all clean (even vacuumed and dusted) and ready for some sewing again. Since I had a quilt all pinned and ready I'm off for some quilting. Glad it's a lap quilt - I don't have to open up the transformer cabinet for this size. 
 Does anyone hate removing pins as you quilt as much as I do?
well off to quilt

Oh Deer!

Well the jewelry mess is still overtaking the sewing room.  Yesterday with doctors visits and errands I didn't have any time to create any but last night when I normally work on my hand sewing I did this.
It's a deer antler tip. I got several of these at the  Tomato festival a few years ago.  The lady that was selling these said they were found not "taken".  It's about 2.5" long. 
I don't always draw out my designs, but this one being a little bit different needed some mulling over before I got started.

Split Personality

I told a friend of mine this weekend I had 2 personalities - she said only 2? Well what can I say. I am a quilter/fabric artist and a jewelry designer for the most part. I've signed up for a craft show in November in Murfreesboro TN called Christmas On Madison Ave. The booth is paid for and the bulk of my display is either made or purchased. So now it's just down to making as much jewelry as I can. I used to make jewelry on the dinning room table but that's not good when I'm working on pieces for days on end. So evil jewelry Royce took over the sewing room - and the sewing cabinet! Quilting Royce is not happy. She'll get over it thou.   From a quilters perspective this is a sad sight. 
 Yesterday's inventorying and tagging pile.  Trying to make as many different styles as possible is good for stretching my design mind.  I'm doing simple/normal/funky & steampunk. 
What I've done so far today. All those beads have a wrap on top for adding them to a necklace. …

Oh Goodie New Fabric

Like a hole in my head or an extra pound or 5 I really need new fabric - but as I'm sure you know that never stops us from buying it. One of my favorite places to buy upholstery fabrics is relocating and had a huge sale - just couldn't pass that up of course. I went by and picked up Edna and we were off on an adventure. Here is what I got.
The top fabric is a just because I liked it. The next 2 are for accent pillows for the  living room. It will be nice for them all to match in the near future.  The bottom gray is for a table cover for when I do craft shows.  This matches the gray I have inside my new display boxes. 
Here's a look at how my grandmother's flower garden is coming along. This will be the top center of a pillow for my sister. 
I went to the neighborhood hardware store this morning to get the plexiglass cut for the tops of my display cases. The owner was nice and drilled the holes in the plexi for me - I didn't want to crack it.
He even pr-drilled the boxes …

A Special Box

Saturday while visiting my sister I showed a photo of a jewelry display box to my sweet brother in law and he looked at it and asked me a few questions. With in a few hours he'd made 2 of them for me! Isn't he wonderful! I would have made one myself and it would have probably been OK but these are so well made and strong. So today I painted one and did the padded lining. I'm going to have plexiglass tops on these and a drawer pull handle for carrying. Now when I do a show my jewelry will look very nice and be protected.
The box
 Quick coat of gray paint
Cutting the board. I normally use this thick board to make book covers. 
 Glue board to batting.
Trim the fabric - then glue it to the back of the board with hot glue.
 Perfect fit - yea!
All ready for the top - which will be plexiglass. I'm having the hardware store cut this for me.  I think it takes a special saw blade.  Since I'm not sure I'll just let an expert do this step. 
Now I can get back to sewing and jewelry maki…