Sunday, July 17

Wonderful Day Out and About

Well Friday was just a great day of shopping, eating and a great movie with a good friend.  We started out our day with a quick trip into JoAnn and I notice they are now carrying the Vintaj line of jewelry components - OH JOY!

Then we took off to pick up our Burgundy Button order - check out Stefanie's blog to see her fabrics. By the way Burgundy Button is have a Christmas in July sale!
Then we're off to have a yummy lunch and then hit a quilt shop - one of my favorites. Some people are a bit overwhelmed by this quilt shop - the owner really stocks her shop to the point that bolts of fabric are on top of each other and it's kind of a treasure hunt for me to go there. I have to be in the right frame of mind to sift threw the mountains of wonderful fabrics, but always find it worth while. You can give it up if you think you can run in there and find something in 10 min. 

Then the highlight of the day - Harry Potter!
If you are a fan and haven't see it yet - GO!
It is great! - Saw it in 3D on a BIG screen. We were so glued to the screen the
popcorn bucket was over half full at the end of the movie - very rare for us.

Here is what I came home with. 
The most joyous thing thou is the Fruitcake! (far right) 
It's from seasons past and
I was lucky enough to get it from Stefanie's Destashing Sale
She has a wonderful collection up for grabs in her Etsy shop. 
Saturday was a good day too. Had a fun class - we made rings.
We all left with a cool ring on and had lots of laughs. 
Then dropped by to see Paula and check out her new living room.
She redid it from the floor up and she did a great job. So pretty Paula!


I'd like to send my dear love and hugs to my friend Janice who has had a terrible loss this week. Her beautiful mother and sweet dog passed on. My SBC - My Friend - My thoughts are with you always. Her sweet mother put up with all our craziness since we were 16. She was a wonderful person and will be dearly missed by all who knew her. 

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