Sunday, July 24

My Funky Side

Well today I had an urge to make some of my funky fiber cuffs. I enjoy making these almost as much as the fiber post cards. I like wearing them too. Yesterday when I walked into JoAnn to teach a class the one I was wearing got removed from my arm before I got 10 ft in the store. Let me see that! Snatch. It's fun for people to want to see your jewelry. 

Yesterday's Memories

Lion's of War

Time's Keeper

This is a really lazy Sunday. Got to see my sister and her sweet hubby do some sewing and enjoy time with my hubby. A really good day. 


WhiteLightTrainWreck said...

Amazing! I have to find a way to meet you...someday. (How can I do that, BTW?) I wish I had jist one 'fiber' of your creativity! You are so inspirational.

susan m hinckley said...

Very cool cuffs! Glad you popped up on my feed so I could visit.