Friday, July 8

Just the Push I Needed

OK as I said tomorrow's guild meeting is drag in your UFO - so I went up and found my sunflower quilt and opened the box...well there it all is - now what. I looked at all the careful planning I'd done - I even made a checklist! After checking the photos I have I see with great shame I started this in 09. This is the longest I've ever let anything lie about and do nothing with it. Even my husbands 3 Stooges quilt which I had no interest in working on got finished much quicker than this. I think I just bit off more than I could sew at the time. 

The original pattern I drew back in 09.

The box of parts as of today. 

I'd even forgotten what some of the fabric looked like - how sad. 
Well time to jump into action and get something done with this. 
I'm going to try very hard to not let myself work on anything
else till this is finished - we'll see how that goes. 

Here are a few links to show how I got to this point so far. 


BJ said...

Royce - you have gained a lot of experience since you last worked on this one. With all you have learned I think it will come together and be great fun to work on once again. I love your fabrics and how you have created the various elements so far. Have fun with it -- it's going to be a great piece!

Cornwoman said...

It's a wonderful quilt, and the work so far is exquisite. You've put so much into it already, and have grown as an artist since you first started, that it will be exciting to see how it will turn out now that you're going to start working on it again.

Lilioshka said...

You have an amazing talent. I like to sew but I could never quilt, it requires incredible skill! Love your blog :)

Greeting from Mexico!