Saturday, July 23

Just How Old is it?

Hubby looked up the info on the new machine/old machine I got yesterday and we found out a lot about it. Here is the link. It was made in 1896 and at that time it cost $50. That is equal to $3,000 now. Wow it was for rich people. It was originally mounted on a "desk" and had a belt that ran to a foot metal much like a treadle machine.
If you are lucky enough to own a Featherweight here is some good info on them. They have a way of dating your machine on this site.  I've been looking for one for about a year and I'm just a little hesitant to get one on line. There was a man at the quilt show years ago and I hear he's still there and I'd like to get mine from him. He works on them and they run perfect.
Well I have jewelry class today so I'll be off.


BJ said...

What a treasure you got! How fun.
My sister got a Featherweight through eBay -- great machine, condition and price. I hope the vendor will be at the show for you to get one.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

How much fun is that to be able to date and price the machine!

Cornwoman said...

Wow!! 1896 is a real treasure!! What a great find you made. Making a find like that is exciting!