Wednesday, July 20

I love My Studio

Well I got a new die for my Studio cutter last week and - I love it! I was recently introduced to the grandmother's flower garden pattern and my first try at this was with large almost 2" blocks. I made a lot of these and put them together in the traditional pattern. I'm going to use this as the center of a lap quilt. The new die is much smaller close to an inch. They are so cute. I have 2 fat quarters of 30's kitten fabrics I'd bought to make "something" for my little sister. So I cut these out  (the die also cuts out the freezer paper!) Just too easy. So last night I started working on these. It's my hand working project for after dinner while watching TV. These tiny sections seemed hard at first but after doing the first step on a few it became fast and easy. Not sure yet if I'll do the traditional placement or not - may wander off into some kind of crazy grandmother pattern. Cutting the paper and fabric with the Studio sure made quick work of the part I didn't like doing and I could get right to the fun part of sewing. I'm so glad that Edna introduced me to this, I just love this - a sworn non hand sewer has been converted. 

 All ready to get started

Last night's progress

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Cornwoman said...

Those hexagons are looking great! I love hand work but it's been a while since I did any. I may just have to look at getting those dies! Have fun!