Sunday, July 31

Going Going Gone

Yesterday I went to my sister's house and she was baby sitting
little Ava. So we put on the little pillowcase dress I made her. 
As you can see she didn't want to be still. 
Also the dress was just a little bit big for her. 

So in short order she figured out how to
undue the ribbons. 




Guess I'll need to rethink her next little outfit. 


And this morning I made 2 more steam punk cuffs. 
The first one has a slight oriental flair and
the bottom one is "Snapshot in Time". 


Gene Black said...

Naky Baby! is amazing how they love to shed clothing

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

When my sweet daughter was little many years ago, I would dress her up so sweet. If we were out, she stayed dressed fine. But when we got home, she would be naked before she left the entry way....she was so hot natured and would get heat rash really fast.

Barb said...

Tooo cute....loved the post!