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Going Going Gone

Yesterday I went to my sister's house and she was baby sitting little Ava. So we put on the little pillowcase dress I made her.  As you can see she didn't want to be still.  Also the dress was just a little bit big for her. 

So in short order she figured out how to undue the ribbons. 
Guess I'll need to rethink her next little outfit. 
And this morning I made 2 more steam punk cuffs.  The first one has a slight oriental flair and the bottom one is "Snapshot in Time".

It Was A Snap

My sister requested a camera strap cover...hum. So I figure I'll make myself one and get it all figured out. I wanted it to be soft - needs layers of batting - check. Want a wider section for over the shoulder - batting and peltex - check. Want something quick to make - double check!
 My friend Paula gave me this Monster Inc. fabric a while back and I figured this was the perfect time to pull it out. After all my camera case is kids fabric too. 

 OK one guess what all this stuff will become?

Today was a GOOD MAIL day too. I got this great assortment of watch and clock parts from a quilting buddy from the Quilt With Us group - Elaine. Thanks Elaine I love this stuff. I always have to dump it out and look at every little gear. 

Had a fun day sewing with the girls at JoAnn's yesterday - the Tuesday Toppers. I'd not been able to go for several weeks and it was so good to see them all again. That is where I made the camera strap cover. We all work on different quilting and sewing p…

My Funky Side

Well today I had an urge to make some of my funky fiber cuffs. I enjoy making these almost as much as the fiber post cards. I like wearing them too. Yesterday when I walked into JoAnn to teach a class the one I was wearing got removed from my arm before I got 10 ft in the store. Let me see that! Snatch. It's fun for people to want to see your jewelry. 

Yesterday's Memories

Lion's of War

Time's Keeper

This is a really lazy Sunday. Got to see my sister and her sweet hubby do some sewing and enjoy time with my hubby. A really good day.

Just How Old is it?

Hubby looked up the info on the new machine/old machine I got yesterday and we found out a lot about it. Here is the link. It was made in 1896 and at that time it cost $50. That is equal to $3,000 now. Wow it was for rich people. It was originally mounted on a "desk" and had a belt that ran to a foot metal much like a treadle machine.
If you are lucky enough to own a Featherweight here is some good info on them. They have a way of dating your machine on this site.  I've been looking for one for about a year and I'm just a little hesitant to get one on line. There was a man at the quilt show years ago and I hear he's still there and I'd like to get mine from him. He works on them and they run perfect.
Well I have jewelry class today so I'll be off.

The Early Bird Gets the Sewing Machine

Normally when my alarm goes off at 5:00 am I'd not be happy but this morning I jumped out of bed all excited. The adventure this morning was breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then on to an estate sale of quilter's treasures. Stefanie and I were pumped up and ready for some good deals.  Old quilts and blocks, books, machines and of course fabrics. My first attack was the children's sewing machines. Wanted to make sure I got first dibs on those. They had some beauties too. The fabrics were being sold at $1 per pound! Quickly I had my bag full. Then I started going threw all the vintage blocks/tops. I saw a grandmother's flower garden top and I made the mistake of putting it back down for a second and poof it was gone and I heard them say it was $15 - I could have kicked myself. Later thou I did find a big stack of flower garden blocks and got all of these for $15. We also got a box of rick rack and it's crammed full - we're splitting that. 

So here are my treasures.…

I love My Studio

Well I got a new die for my Studio cutter last week and - I love it! I was recently introduced to the grandmother's flower garden pattern and my first try at this was with large almost 2" blocks. I made a lot of these and put them together in the traditional pattern. I'm going to use this as the center of a lap quilt. The new die is much smaller close to an inch. They are so cute. I have 2 fat quarters of 30's kitten fabrics I'd bought to make "something" for my little sister. So I cut these out  (the die also cuts out the freezer paper!) Just too easy. So last night I started working on these. It's my hand working project for after dinner while watching TV. These tiny sections seemed hard at first but after doing the first step on a few it became fast and easy. Not sure yet if I'll do the traditional placement or not - may wander off into some kind of crazy grandmother pattern. Cutting the paper and fabric with the Studio sure made quick work of…

Wonderful Day Out and About

Well Friday was just a great day of shopping, eating and a great movie with a good friend.  We started out our day with a quick trip into JoAnn and I notice they are now carrying the Vintaj line of jewelry components - OH JOY!
Then we took off to pick up our Burgundy Button order - check out Stefanie's blog to see her fabrics. By the way Burgundy Button is have a Christmas in July sale!
Then we're off to have a yummy lunch and then hit a quilt shop - one of my favorites. Some people are a bit overwhelmed by this quilt shop - the owner really stocks her shop to the point that bolts of fabric are on top of each other and it's kind of a treasure hunt for me to go there. I have to be in the right frame of mind to sift threw the mountains of wonderful fabrics, but always find it worth while. You can give it up if you think you can run in there and find something in 10 min. 

Then the highlight of the day - Harry Potter! If you are a fan and haven't see it yet - GO! It is great! -…

Too Many Projects - Not enough time

Seems like I never have enough time to do all the things I want, sound familiar? Well with having several different hobbies it's just hard to work them all in. This week I had to get handouts and samples ready for my wire workshop on Saturday. Working on inventory for a show in November. Trying to squeeze in some quilting and then do a little drawing too. I did finish a zen doodle this week for a friend. This is her hand and her 8 month old daughter's.

Remember the Think Summer swap I did the moth for? Well I got my quilt from my swap buddy.  This was made by Linda H and it's called Summer Board Meeting.  The backing fabric is sand with foot prints. 

Some Like It Hot

But I'm not one of them. This weather is just horrid - 100 today. So this is the day I pick to paint the trim on my back door and weed a flower bed. I was back in the house by 9:00 am soaking wet but feeling good that these things were done. Where is fall? I was on a roll thou and figured I'd paint the one other little thing I had planned and did the trim in the downstairs bath. So after all the chores were done it's on to fun stuff.

I got a fair bit done on my sunflower quilt at the guild meeting this past Saturday. We had a sit and sew after our meeting.  We ate such a wonderful lunch with everyone bringing something yummy it was hard to get motivated after lunch. I did manage to get 17 of my flower petals done thou. We talked about our UFO'S and Mary came up with a great idea for my background for this quilt. I'm excited about it again like I was when I started it 2 years ago (how sad). 

My friend Stefanie has come up with a wonderfully cute project and the pattern…

Just the Push I Needed

OK as I said tomorrow's guild meeting is drag in your UFO - so I went up and found my sunflower quilt and opened the box...well there it all is - now what. I looked at all the careful planning I'd done - I even made a checklist! After checking the photos I have I see with great shame I started this in 09. This is the longest I've ever let anything lie about and do nothing with it. Even my husbands 3 Stooges quilt which I had no interest in working on got finished much quicker than this. I think I just bit off more than I could sew at the time. 

The original pattern I drew back in 09.
The box of parts as of today. 
I'd even forgotten what some of the fabric looked like - how sad.  Well time to jump into action and get something done with this.  I'm going to try very hard to not let myself work on anything else till this is finished - we'll see how that goes. 
Here are a few links to show how I got to this point so far.  The flower center The flower petals The Cutting begi…

New Quilting Goodies

Yesterday I got my new set of dies from Accuquilt and boy what a joy they are. I've not used any of them yet, but plan on trying them out this weekend.  Our guild meeting this Saturday is for UFOs and I've got that old sunflower quilt I'm taking. I've not even cut the background yet and think these dies just might be the answer. Everything else is cut and ready to go. 

 Another thing that is ready to go is the fish quilt - "Mama's Koi Pond". I hope to start quilting it on Sunday. I looked at the top on the design wall for 2 days pondering the best way to quilt this. Then after a conversation with Stefanie we came up with the perfect idea. This will require a little marking before I get started thou. Will use my new marker with a wheel to do this.

And on the jewelry front I found these nice displays at a local shop for just $4 ea. The ones I'd seen at the hobby stores were $10 and I wanted at least 4 - too much money. These are nice and do the job. I had to…

Happy 4th!

Well the high today is 95 and you know it's summer - whew. I'm not a huge fan of hot weather. So hopefully I'll get more done on the taking way to long fish quilt. I worked on it last night and have the front very close. Yea I know I've been saying that for days. 
Started a new zen doodle hand print yesterday and have the inking almost half done - it's so cute. Still lots to do on it thou. 

What A Wonderful Day

Well today was just too perfect. I've spent the bulk of the day having fun and doing some jewelry. I've watched movies on my computer and worked away. So relaxing. Since it's so hot out this is a good place to be. 
Wire weaving - copper with glass seed beads and a beautiful big amber bead . 

 Wire Weaving - copper with yellow turquoise and glass. 
Coiled Rings - these were a test and I think I like the general look. They do need much tweaking thou. When I'm trying out something new I make the sample from aluminum sometimes - just to work out the bugs and not use my more expensive wire. This wire is too soft thou for a wearable ring.