Saturday, June 11

Think Spring Swap Finished

Today was open house at JoAnn and I had a good time as usual. Talking with some of my current students and meeting new ones. Talking about jewelry for 2 hours is always a good time. I did make several new pieces this morning and will hopefully get photos of those done tomorrow. 
For now thou I have completed my Think Spring Swap and I'm pleased with how it turned out. I've wanted to try a moth for a good while and this was the perfect time. 

When I was sewing down the top wings they did a little flapping with each zig zag which made me smile cause he was coming to life. He'll go to his new home soon but for now he can hang out in the sewing room. It's 8x10. The 4 fabrics were a challenge but he's very cute. I did use the back and front of the green to get my 2 shades for the grass. 

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Barb said...

Wow...that looks just are sooooooo thinking out of the box...I love it!