Wednesday, June 22

Somebody Stop Me!

OK just how many projects can a girl have going on at one time? I just don't know the answer obviously. So with 1 monster UFO calling from upstairs, an almost finished top on the machine, several post cards in the works and then yesterday I stared a table runner? 

These strips will be cut and then sewn together once again. 
I cut these strips with my studio cutter - LOVE IT!

If that's not bad enough I go out and buy supplies to make soap?
Oh dear me. Well I just can't help myself. Hubby loves glycerin soap. 
This will be coconut scented. 

Today is house work day so no sewing/creating. I like to get all the house work out of the way in one day if possible. I'm all mopped out now and ready to do something simple like dust. If I do the hard stuff first it seams fun to do the simple ones - oh how I have to trick myself when it comes to housework. 
But tonight is girls night and we're going to a painting class - social art - it's a good thing. 

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