Sunday, June 5

Oh I just love them little post cards I do

I'd planned to work on my swap for the "Think Spring" swap on Quilt With Us but some how got side tracked into my little world of post cards. They really suck me in. So after breakfast this morning I set up a few ideas. Didn't know if I'd shown you how I prep my small projects. 
 All lined up and ready to start sewing. 

 1 Lump or 2
Paula gave me several great old spoons
and I've been trying to figure out how to do 
something with them. This is the first one I've used. 
Had to get that copper in there of course. 

 Tick Toc #2 in the series
Tried out a new technique on this one. 
The lumpy part under the clock works. 
Used my cookie cooling rack and some muslin. 
Pushed the fabric into the little holes and then
ironed some steam-a-seam on the back. 

 Elven Shield
When I was making this one I imagined that I found it in the back yard
where a little elf had lost it in his hurry to escape my little yorkie. 
The brass shield was hammered and torched for the beautiful colors. 

Cherry Blossom - just needed to make a simple one too. 

I did get my swap piece all ironed, all
the fabrics selected and the pattern printed. 
Maybe I'll work on it tomorrow. 

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