Sunday, June 12

Getting Ready For A Workshop and a Little Sewing

Well I've been getting some samples ready for my next Wire Workshop. I really enjoy making jewelry as you know and these new pieces have been a lot of fun. I've used a torch on metal plenty of times but yesterday I experimented on several techniques for cooling (quenching) the metal to get different results. I wanted samples for the class and well it was just fun to play. Copper and brass are my 2 favorite metals at present and those are the ones I was planing with. I'll be teaching the class different ways to change the color of the metals and also we learn how to use a dapping block - oh and a new cold connection too. So trying to work that into a ring became a challenge so I just ended up making a necklace too. 
 just love this patina on the copper

The simple ring we will make in the workshop. 
Simple flat band with cupped metal disk and beads. 

Dapping block disks torched in 2 different ways. 
Both are copper - great variety of results. 

Mixed Metal bracelet (brass & copper) with 
yellow turquoise and pretty leaf clasp. 

Well today I really need to get the directions written up for next Saturday's class but I'm thinking I'd rather be sewing - so off I go to have a good discussion with the Pfaff. 
She's such a good listener. 


Maggi said...

What stunning results.

Maria said...

Love that bracelet!!! Its beautiful.