Tuesday, June 21

A Few Easy Peices

Well I'm still plugging away on my English Paper Piecing and enjoying it a lot. Sadly thou I didn't think too far ahead and don't have enough of the white on white fabric to make this too much bigger. So a decision will need to be made as how I'll progress. For now here is how it's looking. Still thinking it needs that dash of red.

I also got my new camera "case" finished yesterday. The main purpose of this is to protect the screen on the camera when it's in my purse. It's not a high impact case (Peltex 70 between 2 layers of cotton) but will be perfect to protect the little camera when I go out. Hubby wanted to use the camera this coming weekend so this pushed me to get it done. Isn't that fabric just the cutest!

So with several little projects completed and my swap all boxed up and 
ready for it's post office trip today I was able to get back to my fish quilt. 

The other day I was watching a Ricky Tims video on-line and he showed this quilt - sorry I forgot the maker's name, that had these TINY prairie points inside the quilt. I loved that idea and thou I've not tried to make any as small as the example he showed I thought I'd give it a try here. This quilt will have a LOT of black and these slightly out of charter colors will really pop. My smallest point started with a 1.75" square. There are 3 different sizes and I really like the uneven effect. I have black batting ready to quilt this with. The back is finished and the quilt will be 50 x 50. I hope to have it ready for sandwiching by this coming weekend. As of now planning on the quilting being done in med gray. 


Vicki @ DottyJane said...

The "unexpected" really spices things up! Those little prairie points are perfect. Very cute camera case, too:)

Maggi said...

Lovely paper piecing, a touch of red certainly would give it zing. The camera a bag is a great idea and I love the prairie points.