Friday, June 17

Beauty and the Beast

My friend Stefanie gave me the left overs when she made her beautiful niece several pillow case dresses. They were just big enough to make little dresses for Ava. So here is my very first children's garment. (remember the hat I made for her). With Edna's help it even has french seams and the arm holes are finished with bias tape. Wow for me that's pretty impressive. 

I guess we all make some things just for utilitarian purposes. Those things that just need to serve a purpose and that purpose isn't being pretty. Some people would take the time to make even a tote bag for farmers market a beautiful thing to behold but I'm not of that mind set I guess. So when it comes to making a tote for my dapping kit strength was all I was thinking about. At first I thought I'd use duck cloth which I had some of, but then I saw the legs from some old jeans still on the back of my sewing chair from where I made cut offs for hubby earlier this week. One leg was just worn out at the knee but the other one wasn't too bad and this became my fabric of choice. So here is my tote and it's sure not pretty, but it is very strong. I don't know how much this set weights but I'd not want to drop it on my foot for sure. 

Oh and I wanted to share with you my new hand bag. I just love it. My friend Jeanette made it for me. I picked out the fabric and she did the rest. Like the other one she made me it has a circle of pockets on the interior. This is what spoiled me so bad with the other one. Isn't the fabric on the outside beautiful. 

And speaking of bags I've got the pattern drawn up for a new camera case. I'd just made my old one when my little sony pass on. So the new camera is stuck at home till a new case gets made. 

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Barb said...

You are soooooo the little dress and bags...