Monday, May 30

Hammering, Sewing & Knitting

That's what I'm doing today. I will have to cram in some cooking at some point too I guess. I just finished a crocheted hat and I'm knitting the matching scarf using giant needles. I've had these a while but never used them, they feel very strange to knit with. 
I played around with some metal this morning and tried several new things like brass. I'm normally into copper but the brass was fun to work with. I was trying to do some things with my little torch and asked hubby why it wasn't working and he said my torch was just too wimpy. Then he brought out his... instant fear! It's big and the flame makes a whoosh noise. But I did it and - I liked it!

Hammered Brass with Hammered Copper

Double wrapped copper on copper

Here are my reading glasses for scale, those are big honking needles. 
But I love the way it looks.

And here is the cute little hat that Stefanie helped me to make on 
Friday for sweet little Ava. Can't wait to see her with this on. 
Thanks Stefanie! I have pattern issues and Stefanie had to take me 
threw this the first time. 

And my sewing projects are a new swap I'm in called
Think Spring! The hostess sent fabrics out to each of us
and we have to use these and can add another few fabrics and
what ever else we want too. 
I think I have a plan for this, but I have a plan B just in case. 
See, tough fabrics to use.

And here is the back of the fish quilt.
I have the front cut out and ready to zip into.

This is kind of a mixed up post, but really kind of an average day for me. 
Hope your day is good and your with family/friends today. 


BJ said...

I have the pheasant fabric in my set, but the others are all different from mine. It is stretching our mind isn't it? I finally got my idea and have it mostly laid out now. Just a couple more pieces to figure out what fabric they will be from. Love your double wrapped copper! And the hat -- too cute. Ava is going to be a smash in it.

Cornwoman said...

I, too, love the double wrapped copper. lol The pheasant fabric was in my set also! The other 3 that I got were different than yours. When I saw the pheasant fabric, I thought it would be the worst one of the group I got, but I was wrong! I got one that was even more difficult to work with that. lol It definitely made me put my thinking cap on. The swap is challenging but a lot of fun!