Saturday, May 21

Good Day For Sewing

Had a good day of sewing today. Paula came over and we had fun. I worked on a wall hanging and she worked on a pillow made from men's ties. I'd share what we did, but my little sony finally passed on. The auto focus is no longer sad. I think thou I've had that little thing for over 6 years so I guess I have no complaints. So tomorrow I'll go out and see if I can find a good replacement cause I sure can't function without my camera. I wanted to take photos today of several versions prior to sewing things in place. It always seems easier to look at the different versions on my computer screen. So a shopping I will go. 


Barb said...

Sorry about your camera...but shopping for a new one is always fun.

Glad you had a good day!

BJ said...

Oooh, new camera? That sounds like fun. I'm drooling over a SLR Digital, but I think all I'll get is drool. LOL That said, I love the digital I have and would be lost without it.