Sunday, May 8

Getting A Grip on the UFO horizon

Well they are circling the sewing room. I normally only have 2 quilt projects going on at a time. One quilty quit (that's a usable quilt - lap size normally) and one art type project. Somewhere along the line thou I lost grasp of things and now I have 3 quilts going plus some art stuff. How did that happen! Well I have to get a grip on things and NOT START ANYTHING ELSE. Stop it right now! 
So I have 2 UFO's on the cutting table and have made notes as to what needs to be done and I'm going to be single minded about getting back on those projects. First thing to get finished is a lap quilt for my sister that is Gone With The Wind inspired. It's a lap quilt and I WILL finish it in the next 2 weeks. I have it all planed out and all the fabric is here so no need to delay any longer. 
One bad thing is my camera is acting up. I sure hope I don't have to replace it. It's a little point and shoot and it's about 6 years old. How long do they last? I'm so used to it I'd hate to learn a new one, but it may be the case. I'll take it to the camera shop next week and see if there is any life left in it. As of now it's working part of the time. 

Visited a new quilt shop on Saturday and got this assortment of goodies. The Moda solids were just $5.50 a yard! Yea! Always need that off white and black you know. 

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