Monday, May 9

Free Motion Practice

Every once in a while I feel the need to have free motion practice sessions. In my normal quilting I get in a rut of using the same free motion patterns and often need these practice sessions to wander outside of my normal comfort zone. So today before I jumped on to the civil war quilt I thought I'd play a little with some FM. After doing the white on black I heard my Sashiko yell - "hey I wanna play too!" so out she came. 
 Dueling Machines (Sally and P2)

Sashiko (Sally) work done in white and metallic copper and
back to P2 (Phaff Expression) for the small circles and the teal feathery flames. 
Madera/Sulky on Moda grunge with heavy stablizer

Did this one first as a warm up - Madera 
on Egyptian cotton/bamboo batting.

Well now back to the quilt I should have been working on. 
Play time is just too tempting thou. 

I know several people who have named their sewing machines. 
I did name my Sally, but the Phaff's are just P1 and P2. Kind of
R2D2ish. Do you name your machines?


Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Beautiful stitching!

Cornwoman said...

I love it!! The teal feathery flame thing on the left is so beautiful! Plus, I think you do those "bubbles" or circles better than anyone else I've seen.

No, I can't say that I've named my Pfaff because we've got a love/hate relationship. I have almost tried to kill him (it must be a him!) with my DH's broadsword though. Fortunately my DH stopped me in the nick of time! lol My old Bernina I named Nina for not just the obvious reason, but also because I thought it sounded sort of exotic since I've never known anyone with that name and when I got it the machine was more exotic than any I'd ever owned.