Monday, May 23

Beads, Quilts and The Sweetest Face

Here is my loot from the bead show yesterday! The brown and
white beads are nuts from Brazil. I know they are pretty huge
but the texture and color just won me over. The deep red ones were
my big purchase they are amber - so pretty. Of course copper got
into the mix and some 24 gauge sheets of metal for stamping and texturizing. 

This new wall hanging is ready for the hand work on the binding. 
Will do that tonight while watching TV. 

 Here's a close up of how the inchies are attached and the quilting. 

A few weeks ago while I was in the doctor's waiting room 
I made this little hat for Ava. 
Yes she's pretty much that happy all the time. 
It was just a small bit of left over teal chenille, 
from a hat and shawl I made for myself. 
Isn't she just too cute!

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Barb said...

What fun loot but that little one stole the showe, how cute!