Friday, May 27

Another Day With No Power

Well yesterday was another day of no electric. We had to toss all the stuff in the frig this time. Hopefully the storms will stop for a while. So many big trees down in our neighborhood and several houses damaged, some to the point families had to move out.  One big tree fell after the storms were over. I guess I always think after the storm has passed the danger is over too, but not in this case. All in all we were very lucky again. Sitting in the hall in the dark with the puppies is stressful, but always so glad when the weather radio announces the storm has passed, and I've heard no loud bangs. My thoughts are with the families who were not so lucky. I can't even image how devastating this could be to have your home destroyed and family killed or even worse missing. 

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Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Sorry about the electricity, but I'm glad you're safe! We've been very lucky here with only a few tree branches down. I feel terrible for the tornado victims around the country.