Thursday, May 12

New Quilting Goodies

After looking at this little piece I did just for free motion practice I thought it would make a cool little wall hanging. So I whacked into it and this is what I've come up with so far. 
I've not determined the background fabric yet or how I'll attach the inchies - want to do something I've not tried before - just not sure yet. 

Yesterday I got to see my dear friend Janice who is in town visiting her mom/family.
She had a wonderful bday present for me! I'd wanted this book for a 
good while. I sat down and gave it a cover to cover quick look last night. 
It has some great patterns/ideas.

This is another present from Janice. 
These punches will cut thin metal/leather etc. I can make round inchies now!

Yesterday I came up with an idea for a new postcard, 
these will be part of the background layer of textures. 

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Cornwoman said...

I love the free motion practice piece. It would have been scary to cut it up like that, but the inchies look really great! The stitching gave the big piece lots of movement, but cutting it into inchies made the stitching have even more movement. I can't wait to see what you do with them.