Friday, April 8

What's Up In My Studio

These post cards sold today! Yea. I'm glad they will be staying
together as a set. 

I am making a hand zen doodle for my 
sister and got the line work finished
this morning. I will be adding color
to this like I did on mine below. 

I colored this with water color pencils. 
I was a little apprehensive that the water 
would warp the paper, but it didn't and I 
really like the way it came out. 

Have been working out of the house this week so
not as much sewing going on. Have several projects
needing my attention. Quilt bindings for a friend, finish up 
Klunker's background and I have another quilt that is just
getting started. I'm also thinking of adding some zen tangle note cards
to my Etsy shop and I need to get working on them. 
Life is never boring at least. 


BJ said...

Angel is going to LOVE your gift. I think you will do great with zendoodle notecards. Great idea for you.

Cynthia Eloise said...

i really like the soft color you added to your zentangle. i've been experimenting with the tangles, still a little frustrated.

Angel said...

I think you should add the personalized zen doodle hands to your etsy shop. People could order and then you make...