Saturday, April 23

New Work In Progress - needing a name

It's been a wonderful day so far. I took the weekend off - no classes scheduled and no plans - ah bliss. So I started my day off with coffee and a sticky bun on the deck and then moved into the sewing room and have been buzzing away happily ever since. I made a mug rug to go with the Kindle cover and then started this wall hanging. It's now down to my very least fav part - hand sewing - just hate it. But hopefully I'll get this done while watching TV tonight - tonight's movie is Forbidden Planet - 1956 syfi classic.  I need to go ponder on dinner. 

A Little Give A Way
This piece is un-named - if a name hits you please leave me a comment. The person who comes up with the name I pick out for this piece will win a nice little bundle of fabric. The winner will be announced on May 2nd. So leave as many comments as you like. 


MissMary said...

"Frets Afire" -- we are in Music City, after all, and that wiry piece reminds me of the neck of a banjo. I've been hanging around pickers lately, and their sounds have that soil-y, sepia vivacity.

So glad you've had such a brilliant day! Great weather for it, too! :-)

Gene Black said...

Weaving a Mystery

Ann Francis stars in Forbidden Plant...oh oh the late night double feature picture show...... He hee hee

beckyquilts said...

I like this piece very much. It reminds me of several things, an insect, copper, sand, warmth, sea foam...
Copper Aflutter
Copper Flourish

RobbinNeff said...

"Memories of Time": The weaving reminds me of our memories, as does the background it sits on. The brown fabric shows a variety of marks, some as gaps, some as layers. The copper speakes to the way memories are held together, supported through aging. Here time is held together, somewhat disguising the memories hidden behind them. They are there, and accessible, but maybe not as necessary, or as easy as we hoped for. Yes, "Memories of Time" is my suggestion.

Terri - Ossineke, MI said...

Let me try this again, goofy thing doesn't want to let me post! :(

I would name your piece "Spirit Dance." As it reminds me of the Kichina Dancers and this one is the Spirit for Creativity spreading its wings and empowering the artistic endeavors of the dancer.