Wednesday, April 6

The Little Things I Enjoy

Monday between the time the electric was off,
due to some nasty storms I did get a little sewing done. 
More post cards for my Etsy shop. 
I was down to just one left in the shop.

 Lion's Gate

Nightshade 1 of 3

Nightshade 2 of 3

Nightshade 3 of 3

Have been ignoring my zen doodles and this morning started this hand print
for my little sister. It may take up to a week to finish if I can get this much done
every day. I'd forgotten just how much I enjoy this doodling. 


Cynthia Eloise said...

i love your post cards. do you sell them individually on etsy? i've started playing with zen doodles also. kinda enjoy the focus. so far just doodles in my ratty old journal.

Barb said...

Love your hand doodles.....