Thursday, April 14

Klunker Assembled and Ready for his Background

Yesterday I got Klunker all glued together. I have a little tweaking to do, 
but he's pretty much done. 
Hopefully today I'll get a fair amount done on his "ocean". 
There is much free motion to do on that. 

 Each section of copper has a number engraved into. 
This way I wouldn't loose my mind trying to put him together. 

Working out the puzzle of glueing him together. 

 Finding just the right parts for his eye. 

Who would have thought that this glue would work so very 
well for glueing porous and non-porous items together. 

Now all glued and ready for his background. 

More drawings for my note cards. 
This coffee set will have 4 designs. 

1 comment:

BJ said...

Klunker is looking fabulous! Such a wonderful piece!
I hope you make lots of those cards as I think they are going to be sold out but quick!