Thursday, April 21

Kindle Cover

This Kindle cover is for my good friend Jeanette. 
Her birthday was Tuesday and I didn't know the size of 
her Kindle so I put an IOU a Kindle case inside her card. 
Got the measurements and drew up a pattern. 
I did some of my typical funky patchwork. 

Couldn't decide if I wanted a button or hook & loop?

 Quilted a good size section of the fabric.

Nothing fancy, but should hold up well for being toted around.
Used bamboo batting to keep it soft. 

I also cut out a pillow case this am 
and will move on to that next. I went threw all my
fabrics a little while back and some of them just
weren't as wow as they once were to me. 
So I put all the ones with no wow appeal aside 
and those will become pillowcases. 

When I first started quilting I bought any fabric that I liked
and never thought about how it would work into a quilt. 
I have a good bit of strange stuff now. 
LIke today's pillow case...
what was I thinking?

1 comment:

Cynthia Eloise said...

love the kindle cover. the button really sets it off, good choice.