Monday, March 28

Where Did The Time Go

Wow I was shocked when I opened my blog today and saw I'd not posted since last Wed...hum what happened? I've been busy thou working on reorganizing my play room. How does it become such a mess? I had my cutting table crammed into a corner and really needed room in there to roll it into the center when I'm basting a quilt. A lot of moving had to be done to get it to work but I've done all the big moving and I'm down to the finish line and just refolding fabric and putting that away. 
 My old paper/paint area.

 Now it's paper/paint/fiber mixed media area. 
I combined my art & fiber supplies.
There is even a small cheep machine under the table for those 
scrungy jobs you don't want to put on your good machine (paper and such)

 The old position for the cutting table. 
This made it hard to reach the top shelf too. 

Now I have room to roll the table out and open it all the way up in the middle of the room. When it's not being used I keep it folded down. I had gotten into the habit of using it as a work surface and kept piling "stuff" all over it. This forces me to be neat. Moving it to the window is better too. 


Barb said...

I always enjoy seeing someone's work space....and I do love the after...

stefanie said...

It looks great, but let's be honest. The real reason you had not posted in so many days is because you've been planted in front of the TV watching True Blood. It's so bad, it's good!