Monday, March 21

Time To Sew

Seems like I've not been working on any art quilt 
projects for days. Time to get back on something fun. 

Another page for the techniques journal - 
Deconstructed Crazy Quilting. 
This was a new one for me in some ways. 
I've done several things like this before but not for
years and I had no idea what it was called. 
Still need to do my journaling for the page. 

A new project is getting started. Have no idea how this will end up at this point. 
So far I've stamped the background fabric and done free motion on that. 
Added some screen and a small quilted bit of batik. Now for embellishment. 
I have these watch parts and the hands from our recently repaired kitchen clock. 

I've also printed out this graphic with watches I did in photoshop
on silk. The paper backing is still on at this point. 
After I remove that the silk is very transparent and could yield some
interesting possibilities. 
I love having no idea how things will turn out. 


Barb said...

Oh wow....this looks amazing so far!

Gene Black said...

I want to see the finished product. It is intriguing so far.