Tuesday, March 29

tick tock

Yesterday I finished the wall hanging I'd been working on and had just enough fabric and embellishments left over for a post card. That got me thinking... dangerous I know. I really need to make a post card or ATC from the left overs from every thing I make. 
So I'll try to do this and hopefully get a little bit of extra done for my 
Etsy shop along the way. 
 "Circular Definition" - 17" x 12.25"

 the post card "tick tock" - 4" x 6"
I used both of these pieces 
to practice my circular free motion. 

Off to JoAnn for sewing. 


Gene Black said...

It came out great. I think I like the postcard just as much as the larger piece. They would probably make a great grouping.

fabriquefantastique said...

Ah time, where does it go? Always a favorite theme of mine