Sunday, March 13

Getting Started

The first thing I do when I launch into unknown territory is make a plan. 
I kind of write up instructions as if I was handing it off to another person. 
After I finished my "plan" I started on my patterns. 

The Fins

Placement of all the scales

Created a form to give Klunker a slight domed shape. 

Then the fun starts with cutting the copper
into the shapes

Kiss the metal with flame and assemble the tail. 
Love the colors you can get out of copper when
you add heat. 


Barb said...

I am so smiling at this do the most interesting fun things!!

BJ said...

Royce, Klunker is going to be fabulous. Love the domed shape for him, that is going to add much to an already awesome piece! How are you attaching them?