Friday, March 18

Flashback Friday

This morning I took my coffee and some jewelry to photograph out on the deck and enjoyed this great weather. All too soon it will be too hot. I'm not of fan of 90 degree weather. 70's thou is just perfect. 
While I was taking photos I thought I'd share some more of my 70's jewelry. Yes, I did wear these. I now can hardly see the knots with my reading glasses. I must have had really good eye sight back then. 
I used the smallest thread, waxed linen, and cotton embroidery thread I could get my hands on. I'd spend days working on one little necklace. Tiny beads and sometimes a bit of wire, but it was mostly about the knots. I even made some rings and I found one of them in my mother's jewelry when we were going threw her things. She had kept it all those years. 

Well back to present day and hammered metal - my new form of jewelry. 
Need to work on several new items for the Wire Workshop and a 2nd pair of earrings for the wire wrapped earring class tomorrow. 

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