Friday, March 11

Flashback Friday

Once again we step into the way back machine and travel back to the early 90's. 
When I lived in Jax Florida and became consumed with basket weaving. 
One of the fibers a lot of weavers were using was thick wool yarn. 
I loved it and wanted to learn to make my own - so I learned to spin. 
Spinning didn't involve a stationary bike back then. 
A sweet older gentleman taught me to spin one afternoon at the 
basketry shop. We sat out on the covered patio and talked and he showed me
how to spin. Big single ply, double and triple ply - adding other fibers. 
Well I was hooked. 
I hold this memory dear, it was a wonderful day. 
I entered my spinning in several competitions and won red/blue ribbons. 

Sadly thou today the wheel sits in a little used room upstairs. 
It whispers to me some days, but I don't hear it's call. 

Even thou I'd not been spinning I didn't stop buying rovings. 
They were piling up in this big basket I'd made. 
Then there came along a new thing into my life. 
The embellisher!
Holly cow I could use my rovings again. 

So once again this cherished fiber 
became a part of my art. 

This is a close up from the piece 


Barb said...

I so enjoyed your story.....

Gene Black said...

To every thing, turn, turn, turn
Your spindle calls you (turn turn turn)
It's time to make some yarn once again....