Tuesday, March 15

Fabric Fabric Everywhere

I'm sure all of you will be able to relate to this. Last night I started reorganizing my sewing room. It just amazes me how messy it can get. This all started in an effort to clear out the pile of stuff I've allowed to collect under my cutting table. Way back when I could move my cutting table into the center of the room when I was pinning a top and it was so nice to be able to walk around it to cut / pin. Well somewhere alone the way it was pushed into a corner and "stuff" just started growing under it. First it was a basket of synthetics for my embellisher, then a basket of upholstery fabrics, then a big roll of batting. Well before I knew it the floor was covered. So last night after a yummy dinner I started on sorting. It always makes a huge mess  - you know little piles of fabric everywhere. I ran across fabrics I'd bought years ago and looked at it wondering what had I planned for this? So I got out several tote bags and started sorting into those and before I knew it 3 good sized ones were full. So enough for the first night of reorg. With the trash can half full of very small bits that I made myself toss out and all the mini piles I though good start for today. 
What started this mess that will hopefully turn into a clean orderly room was when I went up yesterday morning to pick out the background fabrics for Klunker. His quilt background is clear in my mind and I wanted blue/green fabrics - it's so great when you have what you need in your stash. 


BJ said...

I love the marbled fabrics, they work so great for so many applications and the ones you have will be perfect for Klunkers background!

stefanie said...

I love the fifth FQ in that photo. It will be a perfect sea for little Klunker to float around in. You will be so happy to have your stash de-cluttered. Plus, it's a good way to find some hidden treasures.