Wednesday, March 2

A Bang Up Time

I was getting way behind in my jewelry making...well hubby is working 3rd shift now and I can't be hammering during the day - so I just packed up everything and took off to use one of the classrooms where I teach today. It was a productive day and I came home with several new pieces and 3 others started and ready to quietly finish here at home. 
This necklace has 3 different metals. 

This quilt was done by my quilting teacher Edna. 
She drew all the zen tangles on fabric and then
created this stunning attic windows quilt. 
I just love it! 

Here is a close up. 

Edna has taught me a lot about quilting and I've 
gotten her hooked on jewelry. We banged away
today and did some wire wrapping. It was a fun day. 


Barb said...

You do have a talent for jewelry...just love it....and that quilt is soooooo amazing.

fabriquefantastique said...

Royce, I love that necklace, it nods towards the Edwardian era (at least for me)