Thursday, February 10

Play Day

Well it snowed...again. At least today I didn't have any plans and I don't feel trapped. I'm pretty content to stay home most days anyway. The plus today is hubby is snowed in too. So after what we call "Saturday Breakfast" we are both in the "play room" getting down to some serious playing. I'm going to let this be a jewelry morning and followed by fabric this afternoon. I finished another page for my techniques journal, the fancy foot work page. This was a real stretch for me cause I normally use 3 feet on my machine. I'd never made a ruffle in my life (just not a ruffle girl). Edna taught me tons about feet (she must have 100's) and my swatch for the journal page ended up too big so I had to trim it down to fit. 
I used many feet I'd never even heard of on this page.
It was a great learning experience.

I've opted to do my journaling digitally, it was only natural.

One of our next techniques for our journals was
"Resist This" and my first thing to try was just
a simple test with bleach on black fabric. I used different 
things I had in the kitchen and one rubber stamp to play around with this. 

Hubby got a cheep free humidor with a cigar order and
he didn't want it so I've turned it into a classy home
for my zen doodles supplies. It works perfect.
Edna got a new zen tangles book and it might just
be the best one we've gotten so far. I think we have
about 5 between us. 

Well now off to try out some new jewelry designs.


fabriquefantastique said...

nice page, go with the flow, I say

Gene Black said...

I was hoping for enough snow/ice to get a play day today also...but alas it was not to be.