Monday, February 14

New Supplies and New Classes

Saturday when I was getting out to do a little shopping I saw this and it
let me know spring is coming. This little buttercup is desperate to 
get out of the snow. 

I've been playing around with making rings and
this is the most recent one. Very free form design. 
I've added these rings to my jewelry classes and the 
first one is Feb 19. See the classes tab. 

 Another new class is the watercolor pencils and we'll be doing this still life. This would be great for a kitchen and you can personalize it with the name of the dinner on the menu. I've put a last name on this one for a friend of mine. 

And the last thing I did on the way home on Saturday was stop by the bead store and pick up a few treasures. I'd pretty much run threw most of my larger wire so I stocked up. Also went by the tool store and got a few things from there. Been wanting this little torch for a good while and finally got it. 

Started working on my hand drawing done in zen-tangle style. 
It's my largest one yet, and this is what I got done yesterday. 
It has about 4 hours in it so far. Can't wait to start the shading. 
Tomorrow it's back to sewing, but for today I have to 
get house work done. Back from 3+ hours of errands - 
glad that's only once a week. 

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Barb said...

Oh wow, you certainly are talented!