Monday, February 7

Changing Media - A Creative Reboot

I work in several different mediums and often find when I reach a mind block with my fiber art I just need to float into a different media to reboot my creativity. This weekend was no exception. I spent 3 days at a scrap-booking retreat and played with papers/stamps/embossing/inks/markers well the list goes on. It was a great time of getting together with old friends. We normally get a room at the inn but this year we rented a cabin and it was just great. My little sister comes to this too and it is so nice to spend that time with her. This crop is in one of TN wonderful state parks. There was a threat of snow and ice but we were lucky and their was no bad weather. It was cold, but no frozen rain/snow. 
 This is our "play" area in the lodge. 
There were over 50 ladies there.

Our cabin.

A few supplies for today's project. 
2 fabrics and paper.
And I don't know what else 
will end up in this piece

Off to play.


Barb said...

Have fun playing...looks like alot of fun!!

Judy Alexander said...

This looks like it was a great time!