Thursday, February 17

Books, Quilting & Doodling

Today I had some good mail. An on-line buddy, Diana B. sent me this wonderful 
book on Chinese Brush Paining. I can't wait to try some of the designs in it. 
You know how I love all things Oriental and it even has some of the sayings and
words written in Chinese for me to learn. That was most exciting. 
Thanks for thinking of me Diana.

Here is a sneak peek of the D9P I'm working on. Got it all pined last night
and should be ready to start quilting tomorrow. I want to try some new
free motion patterns and this will be my testing ground. 

Another silly zen doodle. A member on QWU, Robbin named him Klunker
which I thought was just perfect. He needs friends and I drew a few 
outlines last night and will start the inking tonight. I doodle while watching tv.
Good movie, dog in my lap, sketch pad and candy near by 
 that's the good life. 

1 comment:

Diana said...

Royce, you are welcome. The book was purchased a couple of years ago and never used. It was sitting pretty on a shelf with my asian themed fabrics. Each time that I walked past the book it was whispering "Royce would love me". I am thrilled that it is now yours. Enjoy it.